7 useful tips when making a journal manuscript submission

Are you making a manuscript submission to a scholarly journal? Here, we provide you 7 useful tips when making a journal manuscript submission to help you understand the process and maximize your chance of being accepted for publication. 

#1 Identify the scope of the journal

Does the journal publish the scope of your research? This is crucial as submitting a manuscript that does not meet the scope will result in immediate rejection. Ensure that your research meets the scope of the journal publication. 

#2 Assess the journal impact

Different scholarly journals have different metrics. High-impact journals can be those indexed in well-known databases or those specializing in targeted/niche fields. Evaluate the metrics that work for your research and publication needs. 

#3 Read submission guidelines thoroughly

Read and follow the submission guidelines: format, styles, visual guides and so on. Adhering to the guidelines is a prerequisite. Failure to comply may cause your manuscript to be returned, or worse, rejected outright. 

#4 Prepare all the documents

The author must supply all required documents: blind manuscript (if necessary), research grant information, author details, affiliations and other requested supplementary information. 

#5 Clean up language issue

Naturally, any document can be subject to language errors. Therefore, take the initiative to check the manuscript properly. Where necessary, engage professional language editors or proofreaders to read through your manuscript. 

#6 Address peer reviews adequately

Please pay attention to the reviewers' comments and address them accordingly. There are cases where authors might disagree with the reviewers' recommendations. Outline your counterargument academically. 

#7 Don't take rejection too hard

Rejections are difficult. But these happen. A well-known scholarly journal may decline as much as 90% of its yearly submissions. Continue to improve the manuscript and identify other avenues for publication. 

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