A Manual of Nuclear Medicine Procedures
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Nuclear Medicine is a fast growing specialty. The procedures provide quantitative parameters of organ functions required for modern practice of medicine. With the development of new machines and increased application of computer software, the procedures are under continuous change. Some procedures have become outdated or redundant, while new methods have been introduced to enhance the quality of information obtained from a particular application.

Although there are a few books published abroad to inform doctors and technical staff about the procedures, a comprehensive source to give quick information about how different tests are performed, particularly the new developments and the expected outcome both in normal and abnormal cases has been a long felt need. The physician ordering a Nuclear Medicine test also needs to know what patient preparations are required for optimal results, how to satisfy the queries of the patient particularly in respect of radiation exposure which sometimes can be a major concern of the patient.

This manual has been prepared not only to describe technical details of various procedures that are currently practiced in Nuclear Medicine but also to provide quick information for the doctors and health care personnel on how to inform the patients about the investigation for which they are being referred and how to interpret the results.

Since there is no such comprehensive book published yet in Asia, including South-East Asia, it is likely to be in great demand in the region. All students of master's degree, M.D., DRM, DMRIT, M.Sc. (Nuclear Medicine) and technologists already working in various diagnostic centers will likely buy this book. General practitioners and specialists who refer patients for different radio isotope investigations may find this book useful for quick reference.

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