How to Develop and Validate a Questionnaire?
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How to Develop and Validate a Questionnaire? is written based on the authors experience in teaching research methodology courses to postgraduate students. The content of this book is designed to be very easy to understand. Students can use this book as the main reference when conducting research, especially involving the use of questionnaire forms. Generally, research that uses the form of surveys is carried out in the health sciences disciplines. However, developing a questionnaire is not an easy task. It requires the expertise of various parties. There are so many processes that one needs to go through during the process of developing a questionnaire. This is a must-read book for students and researchers who are unfamiliar with the principles and applications of psychometrics, but need one for their research projects. There are practically hundreds and thousands of questionnaires available for measuring diverse psychological constructs. Selecting, administering, scoring and interpreting the scores of those questionnaires can be a daunting task. This book provides a step-by-step approach to address common questionnaire-related errors in the selection, administration and interpretation of a questionnaire. It offers a clear and succinct exposition of each technique, with the emphasis on step-by-step procedure through IBM SPSS. This book also shows flowcharts and figures for easy interpretation of facts. The best part of this book is that it provides interesting and comprehensive ways to present the result of each analysis. This book comes with a CD that contains research data for learning purposes in order to improve the readers understanding.

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