The Factory of The English East India Company at Bantam 1602-1682 (Hard Cover)
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In 1602, the English East India Company sent a fleet to Bantam, which had replaced Portuguese Malacca as the chief entrepot in the Indonesian archipelago, to participate in the spice trade. However, by the 1620s, English hopes had been dashed by the more powerful Dutch. Still, the English maintained their factory in Bantam for another sixty years; nor was Bantam a mere footnote to growing English power in India. Bantam pioneered the English Companys trade with China. Dr. David Bassett draws on the letterbooks of the English Company, detailing the struggle of the English in Bantam to maintain their position in the valuable pepper trade and the wider trade of the archipelago. He documents the declining profit from pepper when the Sultan adopted a policy of monopolization, and the decision of the English Companys directors to withdraw their formal presence from the archipelago following Dutch conquest of Bantam in 1682.

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