Internationalisation of Higher Education Insights from Malaysian Higher Education Institutions
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Internationalisation of Higher Education Insights from Malaysian Higher Education Institutions
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This book seeks to put together the voices, the diverse positions and views of policy makers, gatekeepers and actors involved in the internationalisation of higher education institutions in Malaysia higher education system. It begins with an exploration of the literature and then examines the critical issues faced on the ground by higher education institutions in Malaysia. Issues are identified and interpreted based on a survey as well as those obtained from interviews involving stakeholders and players from various academic backgrounds, administrative positions and practitioner experiences. The findings indicated that there are diverse and contested perspectives on the aims, challenges and complexities faced in internationalisation. Broadly, there seems to be general agreement that Malaysia has fairly clear policies on the internationalisation in higher education which emphasises the mobility of students with a focus on the recruitment of international students and academic staff. Increasingly the respondents agree that there are needs to be a shift to a more holistic view of internationalisation which is system wide including internationalisation at home, enhancing research and development, and the need for greater institutional autonomy.

This book characterises the complex contexts and issues around internationalisation in the Malaysia higher education system including issues around access and equity, competition and/or collaboration, import oriented and/ or domestic internationalisation. It also aims to provide a theoretical, conceptual and empirical evidence based resources for more informed evidence based policy and practice for the internationalisation of higher education systems.

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