Anger Management for Adolescents
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In this period of developmental spectrum, adolescents go through a lot of changes and challenges in life physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Some adolescents may not be ready to cope with all these challenges, as they may not be able to deal with their emotions. As a result, they may encounter self-conflict, identity crisis, peer stress, peer conflict, school stress in relation to mounting homework, and some may also experience stress due to a problematic family. All of these challenges may lead to adolescents, venturing into the emotions of anger, and aggression if it goes out of control. Anger Management for Adolescents written by Lee Shu Chin and Nor Shafrin is timely and handy as it provides a better guide for helping adolescents deal with behavioural issues, especially those with anger problems. It is the first anger management book based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach for a school setting in Malaysia. Each intervention session is interactive and systematically arranged with clear and detailed instructions to provide good understanding for users. Besides, additional materials are also provided in the appendices, activities, and homeworks. This is a handy guide book for all practitioners, school counsellors, educators and social workers.

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