Reengineering Local Knowledge: Life, Science and Technology
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This book presents local knowledge about issues on life, science and technology. It presents the related science and technology knowledge, new applications or developments that have taken place based on local knowledge. It consists of papers that illustrate the contribution of local knowledge to scientific investigation, unearth unknown or little known significance of local plant and animal resources, as well as their management and conservation. The argument for the importance of modern techniques to increase the supply of natural resources through scientific manipulations is clear. However, traditional methods that ensure better quality and resilience is recommended. Integration of the traditional with the modern is explored, using disaster management strategies and integrative health care system as examples.

Another aspect explored in this book is the changing food culture among the three main ethnics groups in Malaysia due to their interactions within a multicultural society. This book also highlights the contribution of local knowledge in developing animation technology. Experimentation with GIS technology in the performing arts to map a dance performance is an example of trans-disciplinary collaboration between technology and the arts. This book serves to expand knowledge in science and technology that deals with local knowledge, and make it accessible to a wider, global audience beyond the Malay world.

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