Sample Size Calculations (Study Design Based) Using PS Software and Sampling Selection
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What is the minimum sample size required in my study?

How do we select a sample?

This book was prepared based on the basic and important questions which are commonly voice out by the undergraduate or postgraduate students and research officers. With the best solution, this book will help them in managing their dilemma in determining the accurate sample size and selection sampling method before commencing any applied research. Sample size determination for each study design is discussed in a simple yet compact way by using a free and readily downloaded software, Power and Sample software. Suitable to those who want a quick revision, this book is the best help among all as it is also comes with example of studies. Sampling methods and summary of data analysis are also being included to fulfill the purpose in conducting the research. The best part of this book is it provides interesting illustrated presentation in some chapters that made this handy book more irresistible to read.

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