The Other Salina: A. Samad Said's Masterpiece in Translation
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This book raises some important issues in the field of literary translation. In light of prevalent post-colonial theories, it examines, analyses, and evaluates the translator' choice of word in conveying culture-specific expression of a Malay text into English. A. Samad Said's celebrate Malay novel, Salina, is compare with two extant English translations of highlight the problems of translation encountered, and the strategies employed to solve them. In the course of scrutiny of expressions, the study confirms the validity of the view that litery translatin is culturally dictated activity, and thereby charged with agendas that may be conscious or unconscious. In illustrating, how, as a non-Western on 'minor-culture' text, Salina is subjected to the Western or 'major-culture' norms prevailing upon of the Western translator; the study advocates that maintaining the hierarchy of author-over-translator facilitates the successful transmission of culture-specific meanings in original expressions.

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